Williams Towers Tulsa

These two buildings could have been called Black Tangram Monoliths of Deco District, if their entirely glazed facades hadn’t been intersected by bright horizontals and verticals.

The utterly modern design of the towers modeled after a trapezoid and a clipped rhomboid is discontinued only at the street level, as the plinths, embodied in brickwork correspond with the sidewalk paving. The wide metal frames highlighting the entrances to the both buildings are tactfully designed, perfectly fitting the unbroken rhythm of the mullions. The only physical connection between the buildings is a light, ground level corridor link, treated the same way the entrance portals are.

The disposition of the buildings, deviating from the rectilinear introduces the city block with a series of small triangular public spaces: a pocket park, an inner court plaza and a clipped corner opening the entrance to one of the buildings.

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