Washington Monument

Obelisks had been used for monumental purposes from the early history of civilization. Whether they marked the graves of important people, or were embellished with shallow stone sculptures celebrating someones victory, they were always used to remember something, or someone.

The idea to commemorate one of the founding fathers and the first president of the United States was first conceived by his contemporaries. The fruition of this idea had to wait for another 90 years, but resulted a monument that appears to be modern at present days.

The immensely tall structure at the time of its building is an epitome of Ideals, being pure in its form, aiming high, left out of any decoration and stable. From afar, the marble stones of the structure have white appearance, from up close, the apparent monolith shows its stony structure once meant to be brought from every part of the country making the Monument a symbol of unity.

The reflection of the structure, bathes in the placid waters of the pool linking it to the metaphysical, calling to deep thought of reflection and the focus to non-thought of meditation.

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