Walt Disney Concert Hall

Architecture like this was never about utilitarian principles. It was about spectacle.

The home to Los Angeles Philharmonic, it is a vertiginous signature creation of the acclaimed architect Frank Gehry. As most of his works, it carries a high sculptural value, and as most of the sculptures do, it invokes associations, it challenges searches for possible meanings and metaphors.

The undulating, shimmering masses of differential geometric shapes could represent embodiment of music or sound through the complex expression of spatial waves. It has a fluid, hovering stainless steel facade. What is it? Why is it? Those surfaces might have been a set of sails. Or is it an abstract, more of an intuitive than meditated fruition of imagination countered with a task? A brainstorm materialized?

Whatever it was meant to signify, it is right where it was meant to be, in the center of the attention. Buildings, unorthodox like this one, do not fit in contexts. They create and inspire contexts. They become symbols.


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