Trinity United Methodist Church

The small gothic revival temple in Denver city center is a frame frozen in time. Built in the XIX century, formally resembling early English gothic church architecture, it is today sharply contrasted by the forest of modern glass high rises.

Although the temple resembles its historic predecessors, the Gothic elements are combined in a clearly modern manner. The prominent, characteristic triple portals, resting on short, stubby columns are crowned with generous triple lancet windows. The transepts of the building, opening with large rose windows are not atop the usual flank entrances to the church. The row of modern, rectangular windows in the basement and the first floor are a sign of the places serving the congregation, or the parish.

Clad in rustic stone, the church didn’t need much more decoration as the surface appears already embellished. Yet, chequered patterns on the gables, the play of reticulated arches of the tower, the unusual choice of pinnacles and small decorated stone insertions show us the desire of the artist for creating something outstanding. And the small, now overgrown church he has designed, indeed stands out.

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