Tower Bridge House

The proximity of Tower Bridge and Tower of London, the difference in levels of street and the waterfront, and an overall eclectic collection of surrounding buildings do not make an easy plot for a new rise. Tower Bridge House, known as K2 sits among the old brick Telford warehouses, making a natural connection and a barrier between the S. Katherine Docks quayside and the busy street intersections.

The building flanks are simple: large glass surfaces striped with long lines of sun shades over the would-be parapets and the floor tops. It opens through the recessed level inhabited by restaurants and cafes. The staircases and elevators are exposed, in a high-tech style in the form of glass tubes and towers, bringing dynamism to the facades.

What makes this building stand-out is a massive structural screen, suspended over the sculptural steel construction, a web of steel joints and rods on the front. This striking setting leads into the ravine of interior atrium spanned by the interior bridges. Naturally lit for its users, visually light for its surroundings, this building makes its own statement.


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