Security Life Center

Matching the size of the Colorado Supreme Court office tower, and creating a sort of a gate to the Denver art museum quarter, this glass office building shows a modest expression, not intending to monopolize the views to its significant surroundings.

The trim blue tinted unified glass facade is fragmented by the whole mass of the building being indented and pulled away from the street. The texture of the facade makes the shape of the building illusive in the perspective views. Perhaps it is stepped and denivelated, or maybe serrated with a saw tooth roof. Who knows?

The ethereal, glazed body of the building is firmly docked with a granite clad street level base with solid plinths and extruded frames. Three frontal arched portals, intuitively the doors of the building, are actually camouflaging the side entrances. The granite base is also receding and lowering from the center to the flanks, adding another dimension to the hierarchy of the planes and masses of one of Denver’s seemingly plain buildings.


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