Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

A home for the Colorado Supreme Court and State Court of Appeals, this building is settled on the edge of the Denver Civic Center Park, in the immediate vicinity of the Colorado State Capitol.

As a postmodern interpretation of neoclassical, City Beautiful movement architecture, the building features unconventional composition of modernized classical architectural elements.The Judicial center is a composition of two buildings, the four story courthouse facing the park and the simple twelve story office building reinforcing the disposition of the complex. The buildings are referencing each other with the same treatment of architectural elements used to house different functional requirements.

The entrance of the court building is emphasized by a curved, concave stoa protecting the glazed hall. Stern, granite columns and entablatures signifying dignity of legal profession and state are contrasted with translucence of glass facade evoking accessibility of an institution open for everyone. The glass dome covering the four story atrium is open on one side, showing the transparency of the judicial institution and revealing the view to the park to its users. That whole building corner is an architectural gesture of movement, reaching to the state Capitol.

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