Parkway Towers

Parkway Towers in Nashville is actually one building, although the name suggests the pair. Incidentally, or not, this structure takes form of a building on top of the other building.

The lower and wider one, hosting garages and utilities acts as a pedestal for the other, the glass office high-rise. Sable colored roughcast facade of the pedestal is interrupted by mashed vertical lines of windows connecting the overhangs on the top and the bottom of the building. While the concrete overhangs of the pedestals roof resemble hypertrophied dentiles which became hood mould, on the ground floor they take form of the thick entrance canopy, or a keystone over the doors and windows.

The office tower, leaner part of the ensemble is fashionned the same way, with full height vertical divisions of the facade. The white jutting pilasters alternate with windows and dark parapets which are blending together in the second vertical strip. The top floor of the building is brekaing the stripped routine with different coloring of the pilasters, giving the impression of cap of the building.

This way of experimentation with forms and patterns made of functional elements is an attainment of the Modern movement.

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