Oracle Headquarters

While crossing the San Mateo bridge, descending the hills of Belmont, or driving down the 101, one can’t miss the Emerald City of blue cylinders that are Oracle Headquarters towers.

The gradual rise of the buildings toward the innermost and the tallest, bearing the logo of the company, is followed by the shape of the artificial lake resembling the skewed equalizer graph, peaking at the foot of the tallest buildings. White precast concrete bands wrap the blue glass cylinders creating a reference to the company’s signature product, “the stack” and the symbol for the virtual storage and databases. The concrete bands of the lower, rectangular parts of the building are inversion of the ones found on the cylinders.

The contrasting shapes are thus linked by the complementary geometries of the moldings, perhaps the same way the material and virtual environments entwine and overlap, creating an image followed by the other companies of the Silicon Valley.

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