Metropolitan Opera House

Obscured by the skyscrapers of the Westside, the Met is a house easy to know about and not that easy to actually see. Being a home to the one of the most prestigious opera houses of the world this building had to be a kind of a technological organism, a machine for displaying and performing art (as house is the machine for living in ~ Le Corbusier), and the house not transcending its purpose by its architecture.

The architecture enveloping opera is sophisticated, simple and profound. A piece of modern architectural school conceived to hide away the magic beyond the scene and invite the spectators in. The back of the building is ribbed, allusive, hidden by the series of concrete brise-soleils, allowing the diffuse light to come in, and providing the intimacy.

The single facade of the building opening to the community is the one facing the Lincoln Center for the Performing arts plaza and the Broadway. The tall, elegant arches, supported by the slender pillars, open the lobby in all its height, making the interior of the building public. The two large art pieces by Chagall, the The Sources of Music and The Triumph of Music  that adorn the lobby become posters for the venue, one art promoting the other.

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