Lincoln Memorial

Built from large pieces of Colorado Marble, the Lincoln memorial resembles a Greek temple. It takes the frontal position of the long line of parks ending with United States Capitol. Featuring large, fluted Doric columns and friezes, it indeed is a sort of a shrine. The lack of classical pediments and pitched roof suggest it has a modern origin though.

There is a lot of symbolism in this building. The Greek revival could suggest it to be the acropolis of revival of democracy. The choice of the least ornate of all Greek orders references the earnestness and firmness of the country that was built, and the temple like form attributes a certain level of divinity to president Lincoln. The only decoration of the memorial is a frieze featuring names of 36 states of Union in time of Lincoln’s death and 48 states constituting the country at the time of dedication.

Heavy and solid, the stone shrine reflects in the nearby reflecting pool echoing itself and times that defined what United States are today.

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