Kennedy Building

The cityscapes change with time. The buildings that they consist of, rise, get overgrown or obsolete, give way to new spaces or buildings that will over time be overgrown. Sometimes of course, some of them remain because of their significance, size, or just circumstances. They change with new technologies and grow with their home cities.

The Kennedy building had witnessed the dramatic change of the neighborhood during the century of its existence. The 10 story tall, Beaux-Arts conceived classical brick clad building was once the largest house in the town. Richly ornamented, with blazons over the classical cornices, chain suspended extravagant entrance canopy hung from the lion heads it was probably one of the most eye-catching too. The building had changed hands between Dr. Kennedy and S. Gallais several times, to see growth and adaptations. First, the building size was doubled with the seamless addition of the Boston Avenue wing and copy of all elements of style. In the 60’s, while much of neighborhood was torn down, this building was again doubled becoming atrium based, which can be clearly read in the bare walls of the new wings. Finally, the inner courtyard was covered by a luminous roof, transforming it into the building interior.

The Kennedy building today stands a testimony of imprint of time on the neighborhood and the city.

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