Igreja Nacional Portuguesa das Cinco Chagas

Once the centerpiece of San Jose’s Portuguese community, the parish church of Little Portugal was often confused with Manueline style architecture of late Portuguese gothic. The church is actually a colonial or Mission Revival architecture replica of the Braga Holy Cross Church, but it also shares architectural heritage with other Portuguese churches of that period (for example, with Bom Jesus do Monte) and as such it carries indisputable cultural authenticity.

The streamlined baroque volutes, cross shaped rose windows, Royal Porch and distinct cornices of the parish are combined with vernacular image of the western country church, red details and roof on a white building. It size, its rich stained glass windows and large festooned belfries though, inform us that it’s not an ordinary country church.

Although the times when the bell towers dominated the communities had passed, this particular church still has the privilege to rise above the neighborhood inviting both the congregation and the visitors.

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