Hyatt Regency Tulsa

Hyatt Regency hotel sits on the edge of Tulsa Deco District. A light, blockish building overlooks a small, denivelated park and plaza. Both park and the hotel extend over the street, connecting to the BOK complex via two skywalks.

A very simple building is a hive of repeated modular elements, revealing the basic structure of the building. The tripartite blueish floor to ceiling windows lead to the row of shallow loggias, bringing a lot of natural light into the building, and calling the users out into the sun.

The structural facade grid is visually enclosed with a thicker bezel, clad in light travertine.

The flanks of the building are fully closed, allowing only a narrow crack of windows to light the longitudinal hallways.

Simple, rational and unified in one, whole image, it is a hidden Brutalist find.

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