Hyatt Regency Denver

This hotel, conveniently takes position just next to the Colorado Convention Center. It is an asymmetrical, tectonic composition of architectural cuboids forming a “podium” occupying a whole city block and two flat vertical wings sidestepping each other, meeting along their edges to form a utility vertical.

The straightforward, late modern building, aims to expresses what’s going on inside. The wings of hotel rooms are designed orderly with an array of square, reflective windows disrupted only by a two patches of sun shaded curtain walls, probably covering a different type of rooms or suites. The gray, extruded boxes framing the facades are hiding the corridors and utility verticals. The podium of the building has a different character depending on a function too. The 4 story glass atrium on the northwest displays receptiveness, while the southeastern facade of the garages camouflages behind the thoroughly closed exterior.

Every functional unit of the building is carefully processed with a particular treatment of the materials and geometric composition in a subtle play of tones, textures and horizontal and vertical contours.

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