Gare De Lyon

Built in the best manner of the Machine Age, the Paris Lyon’s train station (Gare de Lyon) boasts both the engineering and architectural achievements of the time. The vast, iron, steel and glass pavilion is an engineering venture characteristic for the period standing on par with the top cast iron architectural marvels. The hints of lyrical approach to the engineering can be seen in composition of the trusses and bearing arches as well as the steel palmettos covering the joints.

The station building encompassing the platforms displays entirely different spirit. The Belle Epoque eclectic building shows traces of more styles from French 17th century architecture to North Italian Renaissance, praising the wealth of the Republic. The massive stone extravaganza is decorated with stone academy figure allegories celebrating steam, electricity and mechanics. The building is topped with mansard roof, a reminiscence of the Second French Empire and the Hausmann’s renovation of Paris.

The impressive, clock tower with a hypertrophied clock is positioned to be seen from the “Rue de Lyon” and “Place de Bastille”, and to inform the passengers, or the passersby that the world is steaming ahead, and that their train is set to go!


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