Four Seasons Denver

Settled in the Theater District of Denver, the 45-floor tall structure is the fourth tallest building in the city. The building accommodates both Four Seasons Hotel, and private residences, and the architecture follows the function. The hotel floors are uniform, clean, closed, with just a few balconies at the top part. The private residences part however, opens in an array of long balconies, miradors for its occupants to study or just enjoy the nearby Rockies.

As the structure rises, its form is symmetrically narrowing, inspired by the archetype of American skyscrapers of the thirties. Moreover, the predominantly sandstone facade on the lowest floors, gradually retreats as the curtain wall envelopes the most of the building and the mass of the building progressively dissipates into the sky.

The earthly toned long linear elements highlight the verticality of the structure that culminates with a 75-ft tall spire, sharpening its position in the city outline.


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