First Place Tower

One of the core buildings of the skyscraper cluster of downtown Tulsa, the First Place Tower is a one of the International style trio of towers, besides BOK Tower and 110 West 7th building and a third tallest Tulsa tower overall.

Faithful to the International style it is implacably square, white and rhythmic, dramatic with no intention of drama. The narrow, dark window openings contrast the lines of double pilasters giving the building textural quality of a mesh, a type of the building that we usually imagine as a part of simplified illustration of the modern cityscape. Balanced by the size of mid-century tower it creates a visual portal framing the BOK Tower on the one side and the Boston Avenue United Methodist church on the other, establishing the Boston Ave as the visual artery of Tulsa.

While not a type of the skyscraper that naturally attracts the attention, it is a building that makes the skylines of today what they are, monumental ridges of man-made horizons.

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