Fifth Avenue Place

One of the most scenic downtown Pittsburgh entrances leads over the Fort Pitt Bridge spanning Monongahela River. The road further goes directly to Gateway and the 616ft tall tower overlooking the entrance. The tower marks the point of the end of the access roads and the beginning of the city streets the way the medieval entrance city gates do. High pitched pyramidal roof topped with central spire, and dark surface of the central curtain wall resembling the doorway suggest the same, a Gothic city gate.

The towers appearance is strikingly illustrative, with large and highly exposed geometric elements, light and dark pink granite slabs of the façade contrasting the turquoise colored reflective windows and massive 3 story arched entrances.

The design could be influenced by Art Deco in silhouette, but slightly ironic, pluralist approach to architectural context and the highlighted geometry classify it as Postmodern.

Among the simple, cubical high-rise buildings of Pittsburgh city center, the Fifth Avenue Place, sometimes called “Hillman Tower”, at the same time stands out, and fits in.

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