Eviva Cherokee

Urban renewal and sub-urbanization dismantled low rise down towns and gave way to the parking lots. Nowadays, the parking lots in the city centers are slowly disappearing as the construction and development once again condense the city centers.

A parking lot on the Cherokee Street in Denver, now boasts an 18 story luxury apartment tower. The L-shaped tower is resting on the windowless 5-story garage podium facing the inside of the city block, and a ground level with a colonnade.

The facade features a modern breaking of the large surface areas treating them with different materials and play of recurrent architectural elements. The volume of the tower is thus parceled by extruded frames separating the structurally glazed and the classical facade compositions, reducing the impression of size. As an allusion to the ground floor colonnade, the 5th floor opens with a wide loggia and a set of poured in place, unadorned concrete columns.

The Golden Triangle neighborhood of Denver is obviously bound for urban recovery, and Eviva apartment building is a step towards the new face of the old neighborhood.


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