Denver Art Museum Residences

Just across the newest extension to the Denver Museum of Art, the Hamilton building, there’s a low-rise apartment block complementing its intensely gestured peaks and angles. As it was designed by the same architectural studio, it shows the similar aesthetics while keeping functional formality required by the archetype.

Taking the form of the typical semi-closed city block is the only typical thing about this building. Angled juts and extensions bulge out reaching for the Museum, and turning a short pedestrian street into a sort of an urban canyon. The articulated orthogonal mullions of the facade submit to the broken geometry of the bulges bringing dissonance into the already irregular fenestration.

The other facades of the block are less whimsical, calmer, as they echo the buildings they face.

On the inside, the block is occupied by the garages and utilities, creating the high-ground for the secluded, almost private roof garden.

This live, organic, human habitat brings a breath of fresh air into the residential architecture of Denver.

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