Colorado Convention Center

Spreading at 2.4 million square ft, Colorado Convention Center takes nine city blocks and converts them into a covered city, replacing the traditional meeting places, squares and markets with an indoor, public locale hosting fairs, events, theater, ballrooms and more. The presence of indoor street and light rail line only intensifies that impression.

The complex is wrapped up in an undulating facade of decorative bands. The perforated, corrugated, stainless steel panels holding the curves, form a chimerical sheath giving the building a contemporary, original flair and illusive form.

The apparent front of the complex, facing the downtown Denver, opens up in a jagged series of cantilevered canopies shielding the grand, structurally glazed facade, becoming an ending point of the central city streets, a conclusion to the city center, and an introduction to the different city ambient, sovereign, yet accessible.

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