Colonnade Walk

Built on the place of the demolished Victorian train sheds, this glass hall of small businesses once was a part of the train station complex. It was a common practice in the 19th century to wrap technological facilities in an ornamented shell. That shell, a classical colonnade is the only remnant of the previous buildings, heavily transformed to indulge the public eye. The nearby Victoria Place mall, featuring the same architectural elements, somewhat displays the original wall, entirely closed with red brick.

The coupled Tuscan columns amplified with entasis were skillfully added to complete the composition, and open the former wall to the street. A boxy Meccano-style structure, the castellated beams skeleton behind it withdraws from the foreground casting the emphasis entirely to the structure it was named after. Dark glass surfaces deepen the contrast between the full and the empty, the structure and the filling, reflective black and non-reflective white.

Almost a folly, this layered, late post-modern act of Facadism, together with the opposing Georgian brick houses adds poly-rhythmic tension to the Buckingham Palace Road streetscape.

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