Central Library Denver

One of the most specific buildings of downtown Denver is its Central Library. Envisioned by the father of American Postmodern movement Michael Graves, it is no wonder that it gained cult status.

With an abundance of differently-treated parts, and a massive roof, the struts of the central rotunda could have easily been a play set of a huge child who had left its creation in the city. The keep, the round tower above the entrance, the articulated division of the facade into stones and the thick colonnade add to that impression.

The beauty of this architecture is not common and the quality lays in its odd attractiveness, reinventing the important institution that has been losing foot to the media of the new century, radio, television and lastly, internet. And as the books inspire ones imagination, so does this building.

The postmodern movement is often criticized by architects for its vagueness and subversive nature, but having seen the Library building in Denver, one could easy restate the assumptions, as it is interesting, playful, quirky and humane building.

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