Casino de Montréal

Architecture can be used in many ways and one of them, not used that often, is the attraction. Marketing the venue with otherworldly, sculptural houses has proven to work, and yet, not many of them can be seen.

Casino de Montreal is a case of architecture with sculptural value, an extravaganza surpassing its purpose. It was built as an aggregate on basis of the existing buildings, built for Expo 67.  The original buildings already had an eye catching value, and the new superstructure had to be an artful connection of the two and an entirely new building, introducing a new function.

The result is striking. Futuristic and ephemeral, with structures permeating each other, growing onto each other, covering one another and imitating each other this building is impossible to comprehend in a single frame. It has to be slowly visually digested, as the plenitude of artful details captivate the eye, and every new viewpoint brings out a new building to look at.

Gold cylinders, translucent aluminum lace panels, striking entrance canopy and long fins of the circular hub are additionally emphasized with theatrical lighting.

This gambling colosseum made from structures built for Exhibition is an exhibition of its own, displaying the full complexity of details blended into a deconstructivist wonder.

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