Bridgestone Arena

Central sports and concert venue of Nashville and so called anchor of the city center redevelopment is a piece of contemporary architecture even after its 20th birthday.

The complex owes its asymmetric outline to the varied functional programs it is hosting. The main corpus of the building is covered by the oval roof, sloped in a downward longitudinal direction to minimize the volume. Otherwise the most distinctive constructive element of enclosed sport venues, the roof of Bridgestone Arena can be seen only from a few angles, overhanging the curtain wall facade. The most of the central venue is wrapped into the layers of ancillary spaces and facilities.

Logo of the arena features Broadway Entrance Theater, the glass truncated cup tower with the tall antenna and the most recognizable architectural element of the complex, the point of recognition, and obviously a place for broadcasting the events into the world. The horn (trumpet) like lounge with the detached decorative arch, the very simple cubic garage with distinctive sun shading mesh sails and buttress like frames of the flanking utilities make an impression of intentional architectural stratification of spaces but once seen from air, or a higher observation point, the building shows its hidden nature, its Novelty Architecture character. The antenna becomes the tone arm, the lounge becomes the horn, and the central roof becomes the turntable of a large record player, celebrating the musical ancestry of the city.



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