There is something formal in how postmodern architecture emphasizes classical architecture through new, ostensibly freer, architectural language. The Leadenhall Court building is one example. It's a corner edifice, and one of structured hierarchy. The floors are divided in sets of two,

Hardly anyone would have believed that elaborate brick and stone long building blocks of Grosvenor Square have been built in the mid-20th century. The history of the square had seen a few generations of buildings torn down and replaced with

Introducing a meeting place of a non-traditional minority to a position seen prestigious by the majority requires a special attention to respecting the feelings of both. In that regard, the Ismali Centre, built in the cultural heart of Britain, had

Built on the place of the demolished Victorian train sheds, this glass hall of small businesses once was a part of the train station complex. It was a common practice in the 19th century to wrap technological facilities in an

50 years ago, a structure like this one would be hard if not impossible to build. Built as a combination of rarely used structural systems, complex building geometry and sophisticated sustainable HVAC systems, it needed to be realized through the

The 310-ft tall, slender high-rise, looming over the Knightsbridge, is the central site of the barracks complex of “The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment”. Members of the Household Division are senior members of the British Army. The cavalry members usually ride

The label “Britain’s ugliest building”, besides being frustrating for the architect, generates publicity. “Ugliest” is easy to remember, easy to find, and it becomes a kind of a landmark. The aesthetic values of the building are, of course, subjective and

At the edge of Hyde Park, in Kensington Gardens, and soaring over the tree tops at its 180 foot height, the ceremonial baldachin of Albert Memorial marks the entrance to the “Albertopolis”, a quarter of museums and colleges crowned with

Language often doesn't flatter big things. They are called huge, gargantuan, monstrous, epic, mammoth, humongous, massive, jumbo, but none of these words are convenient for Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal. Yes, this is one of the world’s largest churches,

“London’s worst kept secret” is the title of this building, positioned on the River Thames right bank in Vauxhall. The headquarters building of the Britain’s secret service is a flamboyant postmodern complex, a sight impossible to miss. On the other

One of the most common desires of builders through the history of architecture and engineering was to challenge the nature of materials, and spatial management of built environment. The pursuit for perfection of forms led the builders from the structures

Arguably one of the most famous and largest museums in the world was born as a result of one of the bloodiest revolutions. Once the residence of French Royalty, it was converted to the world’s largest museum, covering 4.5 million

A lot of buildings had gotten nicknames over time, regardless of their original name. The Shard got its nickname practically while being built, and it never got to be called “London Bridge Tower” as it was originally conceived. The name

This Beaux Arts marvel, looming over the city blocks was born out of a unfortunate event, a bomb thrown at Napoleon the Third, the Emperor of France. He demanded a new opera house, the one he could attend in safety. The

Overlooking the coastal East 3rd Ave, the office building resembling a silver cruiser ship is directed toward the San Francisco Bay, by the leaning facades of its bow. Or some might say that it feels like something out of Star