Bank of America Plaza

Urban planners had obviously divided the block where the Bank of America Plaza is located diagonally, creating the narrow pedestrian aisle between the buildings making the sharp 45 degree edges stir the otherwise orthogonal building scheme of Nashville.

The building facade is modest, starting with red granite plinth, silvery aluminium cladding on the first two floors ending with a modern interpretation of cornice, and a light oat roughcast facade contrasted with blue tinted glass.

Trapezoid in basis, the bank building might be a variation of the shape found just few blocks further, on the John Savier building. The corner of this building on the street level is however open, chamfered, providing better visibility for the drivers and making the corner more comfortable for the pedestrians, and creating a little bit more of the public space, just like in Eixample quarter of Barcelona.

Then, the first two floors unexpectedly jetty out into the street corner creating a covered niche to house the statue of the great musician making it a kind of street attraction, the kind of which enriches the cities.

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