All photographs and text are by New York-based fine art photographer Stephen Je. Stephen was born in the United States and has lived and walked London, Paris, Rome, and Milan.

His photographs represent experience from hundreds of miles of steps, sometimes inches to the left or right, from travel not only worldwide, but to 87 of the top 100 cities in the United States by population.

He recounts one story of seeing a shark while scuba diving The Great Barrier Reef. He has technically piloted a helicopter. He graduated from MIT. And he is quite grateful for health care in England.

This is his second life – all these stories are true, and he will never tell you this unless there’s doubt that whatever is in the photograph is, for the most part, intentional.

The meaning, however, of the photographs is up to you.

This site includes descriptions of all its architecture. Stephen has an experienced architect start the descriptions, so that the technical and artistic terms are correct. He write his experiences, adds context from his travels, and often includes how buildings might be related in different cities. That way, the buildings are described with research, accuracy, local expertise, and global context.