James K. Polk State Office Building

504 Union, also known as James K. Polk State Office Building, found its place in the densest part of the Nashville business district. Partially hidden by other buildings, the tower looks like a very basic modern style office building, but once approached, it shows its interesting character.

The fully glazed, curtain wall tower is just the tallest part of the complex which is positioned atop the Brutalist style concrete buildings forming the basis and housing the performing arts center. The tower also has an intriguing feature. It is suspended from the central concrete core and visually hangs in the air over the theater buildings. The suspending structural members can actually be seen on the roof of the building leaving an impression of hi-tech influence.

The two, philosophically different doctrines of building with concrete and steel were hybridized by the author, to create this unique, seemingly discordant, but charming piece of engineering and architecture.

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