30 Hudson St

Looking at Manhattan from the Hudson River one could perceive the tallest building of Manhattan, WTC 1 taking the second row of seats behind the skyscrapers rising in height gradually. The whole scene gives the skyscraper almost a paternal appearance.

On the other side of the river, another skyscraper, tallest on its side takes the first row almost reaching out to the Manhattan. Designed by Cezar Pelli architectural practice, arguably the most beautiful skyscraper of Exchange Place district has a statement to make. It’s a new city rising, not only to be side by side with Manhattan but to rise to the visual challenge, and this office building is the seedling of that city.

The building itself rises to any challenge of such both by its size and its masterful finish. It’s slightly convex outline, with both filleted and chamfered corners, lined in a series of small steps repeats in vertical axis too giving the building a light entasis. Fully glazed façade is covered with a mesh of stainless lines playing with the perception of the proportion of the building, and giving it a subtle fabric like quality. The game is on Manhattan!

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