20 Fenchurch Street

The office high-rise occupying 20 Fenchurch Street, or popularly “Walkie-Talkie” is one of those buildings that sparked controversy from the beginning. First, there was the infamous death-ray, a consequence of concave facade that focused sun rays on the surrounding streets heating up everything on its way. Then, there were accusations of the wind tunnel it shape had created.

In spite of all the criticism, the skyscraper became an attraction, drawing attention of locals and the visitors. The people rushed to feel the hot spot themselves. People also rushed to visit the Sky Garden, the three story micro park on the top of the building. Everyone talked about it, everyone had an opinion.

The skyscraper owes its swollen look to the fact that the rent rises with the height of the space rented, and thus the floors expanded towards the top. West and east facades of the building are convex, formed by elegant white brise soleil ribs, wrapping up at the top of the building over the Sky Garden. Other two facades were meant to be screen-like, fully glazed in turquoise glass and open, but after the remodeling, the south facade got covered with narrower horizontal solar shades. The “Walkie-Talkie” is a unique image in the London’s skyline.

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