1 PPG Place

1 PPG Place is a building impossible to miss in the Pittsburgh skyline. It is too tall to be a medieval fortification, too broad to be a clock tower of the Gothic city hall or a church, and too shiny to be any of those. A Gothic reference is not strange to find among American skyscrapers, but this is a rare case of a Neo-Gothic building clad entirely in glass. The reflective facade glazing of the building is intensified by light aluminum mullions and every piece, every entrance and spire of the complex seems to be additionally outlined. The shifted facade planes forming the pilasters are scattering the full array of diverse reflections, adding the ornamental quality to the otherwise uniform facade.

Up close, the glass jewel turns out to be a jewel necklace as the whole complex comprises six buildings forming a campus around a small piazza, another medieval feature. Envisioned as a headquarters of the glass making company, it had to be a glass palace. And indeed it is.

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